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FatherTime level 34 banned...

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Noticed this guy had flak guns on his goliath (fail)

Is now banned :P hehe

Only problem is his hacking group has turned up calling me a 'snitch/rat' LOLZ

Morbius CM:
well if they were not cheating then they wouldnt have to worry about things now would they lol.

Playing the game dirty = win (its a pirate game FFS)

Cheating = weak Puss

Ban em all

this restart crap is BS

Morbius CM:
To me,  Warn them by resetting, the next time friggin get rid of them for good, i dont care if they have spent 20 grand on the game if they have cheated twice, they are not going to stop.

Leatonya Cording King:
 >:(never cheated in this game eve and was ban 2x as of today!first time was a reset because of something stupid i did with a guy who was a lier.Long story short him and his wife tuned me in multi.time for different things i scent a and ton of pictures.I was the one ban.Then reset and used part of the gold give back tp build up my base and the other for the raid.Some girl hit me in sector to see what my base looked like .Which she said was a hacked base abd my number dont match from my base and the comes, tell me if this looks like a hack base!!!I still have 50+ coin left over.


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