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another Deleted Post of Kixeye


The Darker Side:
Kixeye yet again deleted another post off Forums Because they don't like the truth.

What the hell Kixeye another Raid already i am still trying to build the ships from 2 raids ago and now your doing another one next Thursday.

 Commander Greta Spader is at it again! Armed with deadlier Drones and stronger Guard Fleets, she's returned to continue her war on the Forsaken. Needless to say, sinking the Typhoon will not be an easy task this time around. Join the fight for eternal glory 9/27!

HARDER REALLY ARE YOU TAKING THE **** in the last raid i only got 9 mill as you didn't tell us nothing about it and now the second one has come and i still haven't got the fleets i need and your making it harder.

with how many Complaints you got about the last one i would have thought you would have made it easier or at least keep it the same lvl of Difficult as a lvl 34 with some good ship i should be able to win but all i can say is Kixeye has just given the game back to the CC players.

BTW this is not bitching this is stating a point

here is the FB Link

This was Deleted off the fourms

Morbius CM:
yeah but like the mods on there say: you dont have to participate. .....really? if we dont we lose out on game changing ships, i dont think they get that part of it.

The Darker Side:
i totally Agree they are giving the game to the CC players and they don't even know it i have lines of Hulls that need to be built and i really wanna avoid CCing them if i don't have to


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