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Damn it Kixeye! Bring Back Lou Seal!! This was not his fault!
Bring back Lou Seal damn it, this was not his fault even if he might have been the one to write the alpha version of that new Tactical Lab. Aura is a commonly used term in gaming and probably anyone else would have used the same word to describe it because that is what it is. A few people including myself were taking cheap shots at the use of this word because well it was funny and a way to express how much we do not like the idea not the word. If someone said the word had anything to do with it they were just following the current "Rome is the mob" after all. And all those saying "Now that you changed the release info or a couple of phrases anyway it's not so bad" are copping because they see that as some kind of win, and they know it's the only one they will get on this subject. Or they just finally read it and thought about it and some decided they like it and need a reason to now reverse their stance. Now there are many good reasons not to like this feature but the way it was presented is not one of them. Like many descriptions of new features you have to read it a couple of times to get the whole scope of it. Many people don't bother to do this and just jump on the band wagon. Many people would have found something else to complain about if not that one word. 50% of people just don't like any change at all and complain, or so says Paul Peerce. So don't blame Lou Seal he has done well as a CM, if you doubt that just look at how many of my post and threads he's deleted or closed I'm sure it will rival Swag's numbers.

Just got deleted from kixeye forums 5 mins after I posted it.

I read it before it got deleted.

What happened to him?

We dont know.All swag said he was no longer a CM at KIXEYE.

Thinking he got another job,put in his 2 weeks,and they stuck him on forums so he didnt mess anything up before he left.

I think he might of been fired for a reason. Brap my arse that he retired after 1 month and no warning why.


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