Author Topic: Another Raid started, Another raid that they screwed the pooch on  (Read 18 times)


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 :o Ok so here is my thoughts. ::)
Why would you think that it is fair now. That a level equal to the level of the player that is hitting it. Should be able to sink most if not all there fleets. When it is the same level as the player hitting it. I do see that they have to make money and this is what it is. In my honest opinion they have taken this way over board and are hoping that we don't **** to loud. Now I know that I have the ability to finish this raid with at least the top 2 prizes. There is no reason that I should need to use Draconian Hulls to take them selves out. I would like to hear from anybody that is doing this raid with forsaken hulls. and is not coining a ton ( over 500 coins  :'( ). I personally will do what I can to finish this stupid thing as soon as I can. I only wish that I could have had the time to build the ships needed to play this raid the way it was meant to be played. With the raid ships from last raid and the new tac lab (****). But I will not Coin another fleet so KIXEYE can turn around and make 2 raids later a much better raid than the one I just built.

I have ranted long enough time for you all to let it out  :o

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