Author Topic: Nominations for ___ of the year!  (Read 363 times)


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Re: Nominations for ___ of the year!
« on: September 13, 2012, 06:05:41 pm »
After we chased the KD out of their Own sector for the Sea Scorpion Raid seems they really Lowered the bar for recruitment. Snipe able OPs Easy bases. Personally I think most are alts. Never see more than 5 of them in comms at anyone time. Don't give Me that **** that they have Real lives either. Not as much as some of them are on. What's Really Interesting is I seen Multiple KD Dome ace for the night...but Never EVER Seen him lift a finger to dome one of them. EVER!
One night in 166 when the KD came to our home sector a few were salvaging and we rat packed them. All returned to their base and ace just launched a bunch of HHB and hugged his base till the Omegas got bored Stomping the KD and their Allies.

It would be really funny to see them Refute My examples of their Crappy alliance or frubbling of their hero......but they CAN'T. Undoubtabley ace is the most douche bag players EVER...Which is a shame because he can hit bases pretty decent and make good fleets.Well long as they are HHB Fleets :P
Searching for the Great White Buffalo of lv 35 Square bases....I will find you and SFB3 Laser 3 your OP and 100% you :D