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Nominations for ___ of the year!

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Thought it would be fun to nominate people for ___ of the year (E.g **** BUBBLER of the year, best VP vids of the year, most known player of the year... etc) Obviously if I did this on the actual forum, it would be closed in seconds ;)

So... please nominate players for the following! (If you have any other ___ of the years in mind, post below! :) )


**** Bubbler of the year
- ----ACE---KD-

Most known player of the year
- Itos_BoD
Best Battle Pirate Videos of the year

Best Alliance of the year

Worst BP forum mod of the year (lol)

Worst alliance of the year
- DS
- KD

Troll of the year
Admiral Ackabar

Post a comment with your nominations! After 2 weeks of nominations I'll start a vote for the winner of each category! :D

-Disclaimer - Just a bit of fun, hope there isn't too much crying!

I wasn't going to post but this player has gone Above and BEYOND **** bubbling ALWAYS getting a Ni Ni Dome before bed. He even BUSTED Himself showing he is Logged on as Two separate BP accounts in his OWN **** talking Videos. He says this video is a Fake yet I have both the one I downloaded as well as Me watching it on his OWN Youtube. Pretty hard to refute that. Also if Mine is a fake Why the Hell would he Delete the Original? Answer is? Ace you are just not that Bright.

Congrats Ace you are the Queen of Bitches. He likes to say I am Obsessed with him but I never named ANY base after a KD or Ace...Can you all say the same? I saw OmegaSneakyDog in 353 Real creative morons.

Enjoy your bitchdom. I know for a fact RentCollector Oblivion has plenty of pictures of ace getting a **** bubble as well. I NEVER Ever seen a lv 34 puss out so bad.

I think ive really managed to put together some amazing trolls the last few months. My skills may not be fully mastered but i have had some great ones.

can i highlight this thread in particular

and page 7 of this one took me a good hour just to set up for the pic.

Not to mention all the extra work i put in, on facebook chat pages and bp groups. It takes a lot of dedication lol and i feel i should atleast get a mention for my trolling efforts. Lmfao


LOL updated ;)

The Darker Side:
i would say one of the most known players is Itos_BoD and under worst alliance put L.O.D


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