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Re: Retiring
« on: September 11, 2012, 08:36:22 pm »
Guess I don't have to worry about retirement because Kixeye banned my reset base for cheating or hacking.When they Gave me over 4500 in coin It got me to a nice 28 almost 29 the raid Got me to 30 with 1 line to 31 which i hit one lvl 28 typoon and made it to 31.But several ppl in the sector im at thought that i was a hacker because my base id didn't match the comm id.I tried explaining thats what happens on a reset.5 said they reported me to kixeye and i sent them a ticket tell them what happened(with screen shots)They sent me back a msg. tell me to ignore them.So i did then the kept hitting my base my fleets i couldn't repair.I had to buy coin to repair.Which i sent them a ticket asking to please move me.I get on today and hit one cargo.Set a upgrade when i get a e-mail from them saying they where looking into the matter and thanks for the screen i thought cool maybe they will tell them to leave me alone.Them i get 3 more saying the same thing It was strange.So i log back in and it says my reset account was suspended.I have never had dreds or cudas till know and i have even gotten to build one.The first time this happened i had just got the indictors.So I thought it was just me but no it was 7 other ppl including my husband that was banned or reset just today.My husband and i charged about 300$ to my sprint bill.I fell if kixeye is banning ppl just over a report that the aren't looking into.Then they should pay me for the gold left on my base and for the raid charges that have not been paid.Is there a company like better business ppl.?Because i paid for services not received! I have sent them 4 tickets on this matter with no responses.I know they wont offer another restart   ,nor will I take It.I was up round the clock and spent way to much money for a game,for them to take the good ships away.
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