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Morbius CM:
ok Everyone for spreading the word of our forum and doing the best you can to get us out there, for every 50 new members we get we will choose another Mod.

So keep spreading the word and get our name out there and lets have some fun doing it :P

I have been playing Evony for close to 4 years. This game beats Evony or any other game that I have played hands down , there's just no comparson to any of couldn't find a better game if u tried.

Being a mod is long as you dont go power crazy

Hi Guys
I'm Tazee...just saying hi and looking forward to learning and trying to help where i can.

Morbius CM:
heya Tazee welcome to the players Forum, make yourself at home. We have a good time here and discuss BP in its fullness :)


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