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Morbius CM:
Post here what ya think of the new update by Kixeye.

 I am unimpressed myself. Sure, get rid of the buddy bubbles, I never did them anyways. Change levels so the higher level players have more lower level players to trounce, fine. The salvage changes though? Salvages are the whole economic base of the game, make them so hard that none of the lower levels can get salvage, and youve effectively killed the game.
 Im told the 55s dont have laser. I havent found any yet, so cant verify that. I know the 45s and the 65s do though. New sub gets the job done, just not without being damaged while submerged.
 Either way, doesnt change the point about the salvs being the economic base of the game. If people cant get salvs, you cant raid their base for salvs/reserves because they dont have any.

Yes, I cut and pasted it from the FB forum, sue me.

I for one am more than happy with it.  No more frubblers!  I also tested a few salvs as well to see what all the fuss was about.  Lone behold I was able to take level 55 with zero damage.  Man up people this update is great!

Morbius CM:
Wow will Harbin better step in quick on this update or he has a major walk out coming they posting everywhere on facebook

The Darker Side:
there has been a few people saying there gonna do it for months but have never done it


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