Author Topic: well thought out post from a user on Kix's Forums.  (Read 98 times)

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well thought out post from a user on Kix's Forums.
« on: August 05, 2012, 11:52:06 pm »
Message to the Mods
Dear Mods. Whilst you dont work for Kixeye, and hence your input is appreciated the following may be something you guys should be taking note of:

1) Glitches
These are NOT related to third party software providers. These are issues specific to BP. Blaming or posting workarounds is good. However some of us arent computer geeks and do not feel safe disabling plug ins or Firewalls just to get BP to work. I bank with my PC. I dont want to compromise my security by messing about with stuff I dont understand to get BP to work. Tips suggesting disabling third party software and especially anti virus / firewalls are downright DANGEROUS. How about KIxeye make a game that works in harmony with my Anti Virus software?

2) Forums.
When lots and lots of people start to express their frustration about the same issues, disabling or deleting the posts really is insulting to players intelligence! Instead of suggesting anyone who is frustrated be labelled a "troll" how about you leave these threads open so that Kixeye can actually appreciate the levels of dis satisfaction with their product.

3) Support tickets
Again, Kixeye start to listen. This game is something people spend a lot of time on, and yes. When it works its very good. When people submit support tickets its because they have problems. STOP suggesting its them, their PC, their internet, their version of shockwave thats at fault. It isnt! When BP is the only product that doesnt work and people get frustrated, rather than issuing the same excuses and a bit of gold every now and them, start to address the problems.

4) Demographics
There are people who coin in this game and ensure that kixeye make enough profit to keep the game free for the vast majority. Kixeye need to realise these people usually are over 10 years old and they work for a living. This means their leisure time is limited and the reason they play BP is because it is a good game (when it works). Given that these users (and yes I am one) are usually adults, start to treat them like adults. Stop patronising them (us) and realise that our time is limited. Something that works some of the time, no matter how good is easily replaced by something not so good that works 100% of the time.

As is usual for these forums. I do not expect this post to stay here for long even though there is no foul language, insults or anything against the posting rules. The reason this post will be moved, closed or deleted is because it will detract from the idea that this game is and never should have had its beta status removed. It will deter new players who as we all know, may have pennies to boost Kixeyes coffers.

As moderators, you guys are committed players. Rather than ruling over these forums with a (dare I say it) Draconian attitude, start to feedback players frustrations to Kixeye and get them to fix the game so that us normal oldies with limited time, computer knowledge but more importantly disposable income can start to enjoy the game like we used to?

I'm bringing this to this Forum cause this is one of the more well thought out posts i have seen and they keep deleting it off the kix forums, so here you can talk about it.
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Re: well thought out post from a user on Kix's Forums.
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2012, 03:34:32 am »
i seen that. i commented on that........ i think......  ;D
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