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I see this argument all the time

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But I am going to bring it up here so that the dictators of Kixeye can't take off what they see as bad press.

The dry dock. Good or Bad?

I personally love the idea just because of the shier number of hulls there are now. But will Kixeye do it since essentially it will cause them to lose money because people won't have to coin ships as much?

its a gd idea all round for coiners and non-coiners.

its not just a gd idea it is needed.

It's such a good idea! I honestly can't see the benefit on them slacking on this one

. Jw-Drowning C.M.:
I think for some reason they have the idea it will take away from their revenue. I dont see how I would speed up 2 ships at 1 or 2 days versus speeding up one ship at 4 days. So to me it seems they would make more money.. But its that Kixeye logic we have to worry about!

They have been slacking on it. People have been asking for it for a year now.


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