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Title: Banned in sec1 (vid)
Post by: BillytheKidd on August 05, 2012, 11:45:25 am
anyways, i was gonna throw this link up then upload the pic of the actual banned base afterwards, and state, that In sec 1, if you file a complaint about a hacker it only takes hours for them to get banned,,, not week or so
Title: Re: Banned in sec1 (vid)
Post by: orcaone on August 06, 2012, 02:28:34 pm
Could be a player that has been reset and gold given back.  However, he wouldn't have been around for the Gollie raid.  Report him, costs nothing to report.
Title: Re: Banned in sec1 (vid)
Post by: Pirate Reaper on August 11, 2012, 09:19:57 am
Its probably a player who pay kixeye money n pay to reset player's base
Title: Re: Banned in sec1 (vid)
Post by: Leatonya Cording King on September 08, 2012, 11:57:56 am
I in fact had my base banned over some guy and i doing something off the game.He brought it into the game and reported me and 2 of my kids who knew nothing of what we had done.Some times real life happens in this fake world we make.The proper thing for kixeye to have done would be to make everyone involved moved out of that sector.Why ban just one party?Plus The sector i moved into couldn't understand why i was moving up so quickly!people need to understand that Kixeye ,though stingy as hell does give back i think 25% of gold that you put into it.Sadly mine was 8000 in gold (i should have never spent all the money i spent on this game)but within the day i had a very nice lvl 28 with Gold left to do the raid  ;D.There where a few ppl in the sector threatening to report me for cheating when i took 2nd place in the raid.Which forced me to tell them how embarrassing it is to be reset.the number that shows up in chat isnt the same on your base.They went as far as walking my base during the raid just to see if i had a older base number .The gold i would have spent refitting my raid fleet with drake weapons was used repairing my base and buy enough res to repair and launch a fleet.BTW scorps do rather well with with rippers and 1 thud on the nose.I was taking out 28's. Thanks for the time. :) Ps this time I screen shot every lvl with current amount of gold so there is no question on how or why.