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General Discussion / kixeye doesnt really investigate report tickets
« on: September 12, 2012, 11:47:06 am »
My base has been reset before and as of yesterday it was banned because of theirs ignorance.First time was over a guy this time it was because my rest id in comms didnt matching base id.the had there so called "clan"was order to report me from cheating. I reported 3x to kixeye with screen shots and Still they banned me.I still had a good bit of coin on that base.Im not making any new accounts for them to suck me dry with raids.I have won all the raid gift in the last couple raid and never even got to make them.So now Im looking for a non-kixeye game..... suggestions welcome!!!

Ban Bases / Re: FatherTime level 34 banned...
« on: September 12, 2012, 01:28:19 am »
ppl turn ppl in all the time for stuff they didnt do  >:( now those are the one that should be banned >:( My mother in law got her base ban at a lvl9 the they email her a sorry mistake letter which i almost fell over when I seen it,Then banned her for cheating at lvl 13 or 14,she couldn't have been cheating,She is 63 and i had to turn the pc on for her.So it does not take a cheater to get banned.

Ban Bases / Re: FatherTime level 34 banned...
« on: September 12, 2012, 01:11:19 am »
 >:(never cheated in this game eve and was ban 2x as of today!first time was a reset because of something stupid i did with a guy who was a lier.Long story short him and his wife tuned me in multi.time for different things i scent a and ton of pictures.I was the one ban.Then reset and used part of the gold give back tp build up my base and the other for the raid.Some girl hit me in sector to see what my base looked like .Which she said was a hacked base abd my number dont match from my base and the comes, tell me if this looks like a hack base!!!I still have 50+ coin left over.

General Discussion / Re: Retiring
« on: September 11, 2012, 08:36:22 pm »
Guess I don't have to worry about retirement because Kixeye banned my reset base for cheating or hacking.When they Gave me over 4500 in coin It got me to a nice 28 almost 29 the raid Got me to 30 with 1 line to 31 which i hit one lvl 28 typoon and made it to 31.But several ppl in the sector im at thought that i was a hacker because my base id didn't match the comm id.I tried explaining thats what happens on a reset.5 said they reported me to kixeye and i sent them a ticket tell them what happened(with screen shots)They sent me back a msg. tell me to ignore them.So i did then the kept hitting my base my fleets i couldn't repair.I had to buy coin to repair.Which i sent them a ticket asking to please move me.I get on today and hit one cargo.Set a upgrade when i get a e-mail from them saying they where looking into the matter and thanks for the screen i thought cool maybe they will tell them to leave me alone.Them i get 3 more saying the same thing It was strange.So i log back in and it says my reset account was suspended.I have never had dreds or cudas till know and i have even gotten to build one.The first time this happened i had just got the indictors.So I thought it was just me but no it was 7 other ppl including my husband that was banned or reset just today.My husband and i charged about 300$ to my sprint bill.I fell if kixeye is banning ppl just over a report that the aren't looking into.Then they should pay me for the gold left on my base and for the raid charges that have not been paid.Is there a company like better business ppl.?Because i paid for services not received! I have sent them 4 tickets on this matter with no responses.I know they wont offer another restart   ,nor will I take It.I was up round the clock and spent way to much money for a game,for them to take the good ships away.

General Discussion / Re: Retiring
« on: September 09, 2012, 08:17:47 pm »
I was a solid 33 until i peeped in the wrong adms potty ;D Then the made some bs report on me and my daughter and we got reset >:( I have put out a small fortune in the 5 family members that play.I think i'm just about ready to start playing pirate clan.Just let my kids play it or my mother.I think in general most or the higher lvl bases are bored!

Ban Bases / Re: Banned in sec1 (vid)
« on: September 08, 2012, 11:57:56 am »
I in fact had my base banned over some guy and i doing something off the game.He brought it into the game and reported me and 2 of my kids who knew nothing of what we had done.Some times real life happens in this fake world we make.The proper thing for kixeye to have done would be to make everyone involved moved out of that sector.Why ban just one party?Plus The sector i moved into couldn't understand why i was moving up so quickly!people need to understand that Kixeye ,though stingy as hell does give back i think 25% of gold that you put into it.Sadly mine was 8000 in gold (i should have never spent all the money i spent on this game)but within the day i had a very nice lvl 28 with Gold left to do the raid  ;D.There where a few ppl in the sector threatening to report me for cheating when i took 2nd place in the raid.Which forced me to tell them how embarrassing it is to be reset.the number that shows up in chat isnt the same on your base.They went as far as walking my base during the raid just to see if i had a older base number .The gold i would have spent refitting my raid fleet with drake weapons was used repairing my base and buy enough res to repair and launch a fleet.BTW scorps do rather well with with rippers and 1 thud on the nose.I was taking out 28's. Thanks for the time. :) Ps this time I screen shot every lvl with current amount of gold so there is no question on how or why.

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