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fleet ideas for the storm


i have no idea whats gonna work best for this one at first i was thinking my assault missle wolfs but the clip looks like the drones ar fast as hell and the fleet has drak sfb5 so now im thinkin about using my thud wolfs and ripper wolfs
i thought about using my cuddas but theres no way il kill all the drones before i surface

what im gonna try though just for the hell of it im gonna put a firestorm l on a few sw's and see if the bit of spash takes care of the drones idk what do you guys think?

Morbius CM:
I'm going to use my blitz fleet sc fleet and my HH D35-S fleet if they dont work then i'll use my auto 8 fleet lol

The fleet I used was this: Ultimate Shipyard link

Cluster warhead 3 on the rocket dreads

hahahaha i just stumbled back onto this forum an remembered this thread   remember the good old days when typhoons were "Too Hard"  and the boats "Cost Too Much"    id kill to get a hold of old base raiders or the old typhoons these days     


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