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I can't believe I just started this freaking build


Why ow why do I think that I am nuts to waste my time building this

Why Siege cannon X over S?

Looks good though :D I really need to get round to making a dictor fleet o.O lol

If you compare the 2 just are for normal damage it is almost 1000 higher with the x to the S that is the only reason I went with x over S. I took the splash into consideration also but it just doesn't add up to even be close on the damage level as the x's are.

I take it you've never seen Siege cannon S vs any stacked fleet. Cudas/sw's interdictors... the lot. With the splash if the are stacked 1 or 2 shots kill the whole fleet. Whereas with X you have to kill each one by one.

But still a great build, just my opinion on X vs S

I have a Strike Cruiser fleet with S on them and ya they are nice with the splash. TBH the first one will have S on them. Due to me not having X yet. I still feel that the x will do more damage


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