Author Topic: Here it is... The topic of the Magic boat.  (Read 165 times)


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Re: Here it is... The topic of the Magic boat.
« on: July 31, 2012, 12:41:05 am »
Here is my issue with it. Instead of giving the players what they want ( be it a dry dock, or 2nd shipyard). Which would hurt Kixeye in the short run as far as money goes. They come up with some F*CKING stupid ship that doesn't fit in the game by anymeans. So that they can continue to make odles and odles of money of players coining fleets (or even hulls for that matter). So that they can even think that they can maybe compete with the Jone's next door. Who was here to begin with and has all the fun ships and has spent the time and money (regaurdless if they did coin or not). To progress into a game that is now taking a turn to the magical wonders of BULL$HIT. All for the want and "need" to try to be able to compete with somebody who has been in the game longer and has the ablity to to crush them even if they do coin.
Sorry for the rant just my 2 cents worth